Friday, May 18, 2007

the invasion begins

Signal is now spending more time on the floor, either on his back or on his tummy, playing with toys. I hope to encourage him to roll from back to front this way - he still only goes from front to back, and does that only when really necessary!

Now that he and his toys are so low to the ground, the cats seem to have taken more of an interest in his whereabouts. It seems that they are now even more interested in him as a fellow floor-dwelling animal. Whenever he's down on the floor, the come by, sniffing him and checking out whatever he is playing with. It's very sweet!

Here, Zeus strolls by as Begley supervises some floor time.

And here, Begley watches as Zeus tries to get closer to Signal's Taggie ball.

As Signal becomes more mobile and actually starts to crawl, I think it will be very neat to see how the cats react. I am thinking that Zeus will spend time in high places, while Begley will follow Signal around and attempt to swipe at his hands/feet/whatever he can get to.

In closing, Signal would like to wish Oma a very Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!


ru said...

the only real problem is figuring out who is being invaded by whom...

MadJenny said...

That Begley is a dark horse. He acts all aloof and superior, but look at what a nurturer he's turned out to be. Amazing.