Sunday, May 27, 2007


so saturday was the spring mom-to-mom sale at thornhill united church. we have seen the signs and the line around the block for this sale every spring and fall since we moved here in 2004. but without fail, every year it has been on a saturday that one or both of us is working. but this weekend! this weekend! bliss! it was my three-day weekend AND it was the spring sale! hooray! (no need to point out that until this spring's show we were not actually moms - that is BESIDE the point.)

we prepared well - ak showed up at 8:15 with donuts and coffee. after a quick scarf of the sugar, i put signal on my back and set out with ak to get in the line. it was not too terribly long when we got there - it had only turned the corner on the sidewalk out front of the church. i dropped ak off in line and booked it to the bank to get some cash (somehow i think that mom sellers in some church basement are not going to take plastic, eh?). i made it back just as m was joining ak in line (we had left m at home to shower).

within about five minutes, the doors opened and that line started to move! in we went, paid our $1 admission (all the proceeds went to a women and children's shelter in aurora), got our barney re-entry stamp, and threw ourselves in to the fray.

first off in the door was the bake sale table. thankfully, the memory of our donut was still close, so we were able to resist the temptation and distraction on this first pass. to the right was a long room full of vendors. right off the bat we scored a great find - a set of small foam alphabet and letter tiles (the kind that link like puzzle pieces). we bought them right away, for a grand total of $2! we are missing the "3" - but the only thing that means is that the mat is a 7x5 tile mat instead of a 6x6 tile mat.

we wandered back to the left of the front, where there were two interconnected rooms full of toys and more clothes (we were not really in the market for clothes on this venture, though). found a set of stacking cups, numbered 1 to 10, with correspondingly increasing animals on the inside (butterfly to whale) in bright primary colours - another $2!

and then it was to the basement. at the bottom of the stairs, we went left first. there was a small room (one of the sunday school rooms, i think) chock full again. at the back, a location that required great deal of determination to reach, m saw one of those squishy stick-and-ball-and-stretchy-stuff toys by manhattan toy company for $3. we snatched that up quickly. and that was when i saw it - the coup of the show! i glanced around to find ak, but she was headed out of the room at a dead run. so i snatched it up and huddled in a corner while m went after her.

it took some convincing, because apparently, just before i had turned around to look for her, ak had witnessed the horror of a small child barfing her guts out just behind her mom's table of sale items, but m got her to come back, where she scored a quicKutz die press for $15!! (this particular vendor had scrapbooking stuff as well as typical baby and kid stuff.)

and then it was back out of the room of puke to the final room, the big one! once in the door we were able to pick out the group from once upon a child pretty easily - they were selling baby banz sun clothes for a steal - we got signal a sun-blocking shirt for $5! the full suits were $10, and they retail for close to $50! and just as we were about done, i saw a beige bag on a table labeled "discovery toys." how well i remember THAT name from my childhood! i took the string off the bag, and lo and behold, there was a giant set of variously shaped and coloured wooden blocks - one of the things we were most looking for! and for $5!

(i know there are lots of !s in this post, but it was just so exciting - you have NO idea...)

so there we go. $17 later, we were ready to head home. ak hit the bake sale for a cupcake and we crossed the street back to our apartment to delight in our treasures.

here they are all together (ak's treasures are not in this photo, but they included many a children's book, including hey! wake up!by sandra boynton, which signal and i read to m this morning):
and here signal enjoys his manhattan toy "thing":

and here we investigate the blocks:

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Deranged Squirrel said...

The QuicKutz was the find of the show. I'm not a mom but I had a great time poking through all the baskets of children's books at the sale. Don't forget that I also bought the huge stack of containers of eyelets for $5. I think that you should both be applauded for your vision - everything you bought was very cool and Signal liked it - but I never would have spotted any of it on the tables filled with so many other things.