Saturday, May 19, 2007

oh, those eyes

Despite the fact that our eyes are not the same colour, Signal has inherited the two-toned nature of my eyes. Paler in the middle with a darker ring around the outside. When I snapped this picture earlier in the week with the camera in black-and-white mode, the colour difference really struck me.

He's also got my eye shape, eyebrows, and my ears, although he seems to clearly have D's nose and chin, as well as his jawline. Altogether a rather striking combination, if I do say so myself.

Could you say no to that face? Yeah, Signal didn't think so.

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Katie said...

Hey Melanie - Katie Limbert may remember me from Germany...our parents were friends and we often hung out at your place. You also went to high school w/ my husband (Jocelyn Lavoie). Your son is absolutly gorgeous :) Congratulations!