Sunday, May 13, 2007

our first mother's day!

so we are mothers now. at this time last year, we were just reaching the point where we could tell people at large about the pregnancy, because we were just about out of the woods of the first 12 weeks. and now, now we have a signal!

signal did lots of exciting things for mother's day. he gave his mommy a daisy charm for her new mary jane crocs. he came into the living room before she got up this morning and put it on her shoe for her. then when she woke up, he made her search for her present - it didn't take her long at all to find it! he also had bought the mommy some very nice coffee last time we were at the store, and to go with that, he enlisted the mama to make her super-fluffy-but-don't-tell-anyone-they're-good-for-you pancakes with blueberries added and some nice bacon for brunch.

and he has promised his mama a little shopping spree in preparation for her single container balcony garden that she wants to start up this summer. mama plans on taking him up on the spree when they all get back from texas in june.

then, in the afternoon, signal decided that the family should take a walk to the independent library in the neighbourhood so they could join up and start using it. signal got some nice kid's books, and he even let the moms get some cook books and a couple of cds.

after the library, signal decided that for mother's day, he should get some new pajamas (since he has decided that he sleeps a lot better when he is cool than when he is hot). and then he took the moms to the grocery store so they could get some yummies for supper: some angus burgers with the new president's choice thin hamburger buns, the new habanero tequila bbq sauce, bacon, and onions (and pepper jack for mama, who like cheese on her bacon cheeseburger!). signal also suggested that his moms buy a cooler for next weekend's trip to ottawa since he likes his bottles cold.

all in all, a successful first mother's day! may they all be so nice in the future! happy mother's day to one and all from the CP family.


Deranged Squirrel said...

That sounds like a lovely Mother's Day!

False Prophet said...

Is signal more of a mommy's boy or a mama's boy? I guess he can be both. ;-)

Alex Elliot said...

Happy Mothers Day to both of you!

MadJenny said...

That Signal sure does know how to do it up right on a holiday with his Mommy and Mama. What a little man.

P.S. my mom loves his chubby little chipmunk cheeks and was feeling great sympathy for his poor little gums in the tooth pic.