Wednesday, May 23, 2007

svan song

so we are preparing for the big day. on friday we are giving signal his first solid food. he has been waiting for this moment for several weeks now. you know it is about time to start your baby on food when he chews forlornly while you eat fajitas in your living room. and that is what he has been doing recently - while we eat, he watches us closely and chews along. it is simultaneously the sweetest and saddest thing i have ever seen.

we managed to get our big prep done yesterday - m went to the safety superstore and got signal his high chair. we decided on the svan high chair - it is kind of like haute ikea furniture. the really cool thing about it is that it grows with the child, and signal will be able to use it as a booster and a real chair into adulthood. assuming that the cat doesn't scratch the crap out of it before then! (m has a plan - wrap the chair in foil. but i say, why buy a nice wooden high chair just to wrap it in foil so the damn cat doesn't scratch the crap out of it? i say, let the cat out the back door and never open it again!)

anyway, because any post would not be complete with photos, here is signal, enjoying his first ride in the svan!

and, of course, the requisite close-up!

bring on the guacamole, baby! this kid is ready!


Deranged Squirrel said...

It looks like he is enjoying himself. I like the high chair because it doesn't look like a high chair. It looks like real furniture.

Julia said...

Oh my, he chews along with you. It's enough to make you cry. I hope he enjoys his first solid food!