Friday, June 15, 2007

deep in the heart, episode three

We've made you wait long enough. Here they are - Signal's haircut pictures!

For Signal's first haircut we went to see W, who is the barber at SMU. Not St. Mary's, as some of you Canadians might think, but Southern Methodist University. That's where Ru did her undergrad. W cut her hair when she was a student there, and now he cuts her dad's hair. So it seemed fitting that he be the first to cut the third generation's hair too.

Signal did a fantastic job throughout the whole thing. First, W put covers over Ru and Signal to protect them from flying hairs. He then combed Signal's hair. That was hysterical. He put a part in it! As Ru said, he looked like a dexter.

Then W began snipping. It didn't seem to bother Signal too much when he did the back, but he began to get fussy when W came around to cut the front. M'amie and I tried to keep him distracted by singing to him. It worked rather well, if I do say so myself, especially M'amie's Popcorn Man song.

When it was all over, Signal looked much more like a little boy and much less like the baby we had brought in! His hair looked thicker, and wavier, and just plain cuter. W gave him lollipops for his troubles, which we didn't let him eat. Of course, we didn't eat them either. I think we are somehow thinking we'll keep them until he's old enough to eat them. I am figuring that they will one day disappear during a late night sugar craving.

Here he is, our clean cut boy. Pretty cute, don't you think?


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Adorable!!! What a cutie!