Wednesday, June 13, 2007

deep in the heart, episode two

and so. barbecue. that is what was promised. our first night in town, there was so much trauma with getting the rental car (don't even ask) that we didn't have time to eat anywhere special, so we grabbed some taco bell. so the next night, we went to sonny bryan's for supper. and boy did we need it - after a full day of wandering all over the allen premium outlets (imagine it now - carter's, gymboree, stride rite), we were desperately in need of some good sustenance!

there were ribs, turkey, sausage, sliced brisket, and pulled chicken flying everywhere! there were coronita bottles full of bbq sauce launched from one end of the table to the other with startling frequency.

here is signal, lusting after my dad's colleague jl's dinner.

and here is the family, looking sufficiently post-dinner-full (from left to right, there's my mom, signal, myself, and my dad - i look like my mom, signal looks like us both, and signal and my dad have the same eye colour).

here is m, helping signal work out his post-bbq energy (of course, he did not actually eat the bbq)...

and finally, this last photo does happen to have been taken at sonny bryan's, so it is appropriate chronologically, but that is not the reason i am including it. i am including the following photo because it is the photo. that photo. the photo that is the culmination of the 2000 photos of signal that preceded it. you know sometimes you just click it and know that you have taken a great photo? this is that photo for me.


omaopa said...

Good pics of everyone but.....what a face!! Needless to say, we have a new screen saver.

Monkey's Mom said...

Um, def. It is *that* photo. Nice. Very nice.

Say Hi to Texas for me. I miss it. Well sometimes I don't. But, now I do. I want some BBQ.

MadJenny said...

That really is an amazing picture of the little guy. So much character in that little face.

an said...

Oh my gosh that is the absolute best picture of the little man - so much said on that one little darling face!! You should blow up that picture, or go to one of those places and get it drawn. He is so adorable!!