Monday, June 18, 2007

deep in the heart, final episode

so after oklahoma, nothing much really happened! we came home on saturday evening, after stopping to visit my mom's brother and sister-in-law, as m mentioned. saturday night was pretty laid back. we got checked back in and settled into the hotel, then i ran to on the border for some tex-mex carryout. sunday we got up and went to m'amie and pappy's place for breakfast and some laundry (so much nicer to go home with everything clean, don't you think?!). it was a relaxing afternoon of laundry, playing with the baby, and back to back to back to back episodes of corner gas, which we had brought on dvd for my parents. once the laundry was finished, m and i packed up signal for a quick trip to target, which m had never been to. we wandered around, just checkin' stuff out, and she managed to spend her mother's day money on some clothes and a fun stripey summer purse/bag/diaper container.

after target, we went back to hotel, got cleaned up, took the baby back to my parents for a little quality time, and then m and i went to aparicio's for a final mexican hurrah (or olé, i guess!). please promise me, if you ever find yourself in plano, texas looking for a place to eat, that you will go to aparicio's. since i am not there to eat all the time, i have to rely on the rest of you to keep it open so i can eat there when i am in town!

there appears to be only one photo that we took after we returned from oklahoma, and here it is.

you will notice that signal is embracing his heritage as a texan by proxy and it starting in on the coca-cola early! (and yes, we realize that once he is able to eat and drink the things we eat and drink that we are going to have to give this crap up - the best way to ease your way into healthy eating patterns is to have a kid! preganancy gives you the healthy living jump-start, and while you can backslide into some bad patterns once the kid is born, the knowledge of impending "he is going to eat whatever i eat" is a great spur to give up the rest of the junk!)

next up: reports from the doctor!

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