Sunday, June 24, 2007

free to be you & me!

so this past week has been pride week in toronto. today is the parade, which we are skipping because i don't feel like braving the crowd on the street today. i specify "on the street" because we are going to a mall to try to find me a dress to wear to jc and ja's wedding in august.


we did go down to the pride festival yesterday, though, to wander the streets a bit and just take in the sights. we took the subway for the first time with signal, and we took him in his new stroller. everyone performed brilliantly - the new stroller (a phil & ted's e3 sport buggy in red) is fantastic. easy to maneuver, small turn radius, narrower than the graco was. the only thing we have to keep reminding ourselves is that it juts out front just a little more than the graco did; we clipped a few calves on the street yesterday because we kept forgetting that the stroller does not end essentially where signal's feet are!

here is signal, hanging in his stroller in the subway (note his "proud" sticker above his head).

and the subway! my goodness! we had never taken signal on the subway downtown before - he is primarily a car boy, not a public transit boy (at least right now...). so we were a little concerned about the whole production. first off, let me commend the toronto transit commission (ttc) for the accessibility of their subway system. now, i know that not all stations are wheelchair (and thus stroller) accessible, but the ones that are are reasonably convenient, the elevators were clean, and it made traveling with the stroller a much less daunting and much more enjoyable experience.

so we parked at finch station and got on going south to bloor. we wheeled onto the subway, took a seat, and signal had a look around. when he realized that he was in an odd little glass and metal room full of people he didn't know, he promptly began wailing! m and i both spent a little while distracting him and finally resorted to a bottle to calm him down. with a little snack in his belly and the reassurance that we were both still there, right in front of him, and not going anywhere, signal was able to take a proper look around and check everything out.

and once he had his chance, well, that was the end of that! signal loves the subway. loves it. adores it. he laughed and squealed and grinned at people and waved and crinkled up his eyes the entire time on the way down and back. for signal, the subway is just another room full of friends he hasn't met yet, booking it along below the streets of toronto at 50 mph!

oh, and pride? it was fun. crowded. we felt like we were walking against the flow of most people on foot for almost the whole time, and we were doing it while pushing a stroller, which was not all that great! but there was lots to look at, and it was nice to get out downtown and walk around some. and on the way home, we found a candy store! candy stores really round out your day, no matter what you are doing!

here is signal with his proud mommy.

and his proud mama.

be proud! be a family!

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Wen Carl B & Ty said...

We have the same stroller, except we have the extra seat that hooks in the back! Best darn stroller ever!!! LOVE IT!!! He's such a cutie!!!