Tuesday, June 26, 2007

on your side

For the past few days, Signal has decided that he wants to sleep on his side. It is very cute, and just another indication of how fast he's growing up. He can now roll over from back to tummy, but will only do it in bed, for the purpose of getting into his new favourite sleeping position. Silly boy.

The only problem I have with this is that the side he prefers to roll to is my side of the bed. And this means that his little self is often pressed up against me in the middle of the night. His knees in my tummy, or his head poking my rib cage. Not the most fun, especially with the heat we're having at the moment. It's supposed to still be 28 degrees at 9:00pm this evening. I do NOT want to sleep pressed up against anyone, thank you very much.

Again, he's lucky he's cute. Ru and I have no intention of kicking him out of our bed, no matter where he rolls. It's just so convenient to have him there. My neurotic self can peek at any time to make sure he's still breathing, and when he stirs or looses his soother, I can help him out without getting out of bed. In fact, a new round of furniture reorganization will soon be in order, as Ru and I purchased a king-sized mattress from Ikea yesterday. Hooray for the family bed.


kidletsmum said...

A king? I am beyond envious. We have a double. It sucks. No family bed for us anymore. Immy and I sleep in two twins, side by side, and D sleeps alone in the double. Oh, for a king!!!

librariana said...

Yippee for the bum scooter!