Tuesday, July 03, 2007

another evolution in our co-sleeping relationship

After our trip to Texas, we discovered that Signal slept even better if he was sleeping between us than he did in his sidecar. After 9 days of blissful sleep, we couldn't bear the idea of coming back to Canada and popping him in his sidecar, where he'd be up 4 times a night and I'd get no sleep either. We needed to come up with a solution.

Having him sleep between us in our bed was impossible though, because we had a double bed. We are not small people. Signal is a big child. That just wasn't going to work. What we really needed was a king, but how to afford one? The mattresses we saw were over $1200, not counting a frame or a box spring.

So, being the good little librarian that I am, I did some research. Turns out that a king is the same size as two twins side by side. And twin mattresses are much more reasonable. You can get two twins a lot cheaper than a king. I also looked into Ikea. Good old Ikea. They make beds that are specifically made to be set up side-by-side, with legs that can be set up so the beds are flush. Now we were getting somewhere.

We bought everything last Monday, and then set the beds up over the weekend. The box springs were rather difficult to put together. Kudos to Ru for sticking with it. On the upside, they open up to reveal storage space. We finally had a spot to put some of Signal's larger items that he is no longer using on a daily basis! We then put the twin mattresses on the box springs, topped the whole thing off with a king-sized mattress pad to eliminate the gap between the twin mattresses, and voila!

As you can see from Signal's sleeping position, he rather likes it. And we do to. Now, do any of you know anyone who would like to buy our Ikea crib?


ru said...

he looks so little!

kidletsmum said...

That's how Immy and I sleep too! Although, our beds aren't perfectly aligned... so we have a blanket stuffed in the gap between them. I sure wish we had something that looks like yours!!!