Friday, July 27, 2007

for the love of OUAC

On Monday Ru, Signal and I went up to Once Upon a Child in Newmarket in to sell some clothing and baby supplies that were were no longer using. We sold his crib set (but not the crib itself), some 5oz bottles, and other various and sundry things.

Because they are now stocking used fall and winter clothing, Ru and I decided to take a look for Signal. We had some fall and winter clothing already, but were in need of a few more pairs of pants and some long-sleeved tops. And since the fall and winter stuff had not been out for very long, we though that there would likely be a lot to choose from. We were right!

We were able to find Signal three long sleeved shirts, one sweater, two pairs of pants, a pair of Robeez (!) and two toys. It was awesome!

Here are the clothes all laid out with Signal's new shape sorter.

A close-up of the shirts. Two are Gymboree and one is from the Gap. The sweater is a nice cotton. Awesome!

Two pairs of pants (one Gap and one Gymboree) along with basically brand-new 12-18 month Robeez shoes.

A Peek-a-Blocks shape sorter

And perhaps our best find of all, was a completely wooden bead maze! We had seen a few bead mazes at OUAC before, but they were always plastic and we really had our hearts set on a wooden one. This time we lucked out. Tucked away at the back of the toys was this gigantic bead maze, for $20.00.

Signal and his new bead maze

So, after the items that we had to sell, we got all of the clothing and the toys (including the bead maze) for -$11.00. Yep. We got all of those things and still got $11.00 back. It was awesome. I love Once Upon a Child! Even if we hadn't brought stuff in to sell, the clothing, shoes and toys would have only come to $67.50. Which wouldn't even have bought us one pair of pants and one shirt from Gymboree. If you have kids and live in the GTA, you should really go. Or, come visit us and we'll take you. It's becoming our home away from home.


Azura said...

I always loved those bead things when I was little. We didn't have one at home, but I always played with the one at the doctor's office :)

kidletsmum said...

What great deals! I can't wait to visit OUAC myself! Immy has a teeny little bead maze that cost far more. At least it's all wood. I too love the wooden bead mazes!