Thursday, July 26, 2007

the non-scientific reason to co-sleep

Last night, just as Ru and I were getting ready for bed, Signal woke up crying. It was his scared cry, like he had had a bad dream. This has been happening a few times a week lately; Signal wakes up crying loudly and is a bit difficult to settle. He struggles when you try and hold him, refuses the bottle, and is just generally upset.

Ru and I passed him back and forth while telling him we were sorry that he had a bad dream and that it was okay because we were there with him. He finally settled a bit in Ru's arms and took a few ounces out of his bottle. We were then able to put him down in the middle of the bed and finish getting ready for the night.

Signal seemed to be sleeping peacefully with his "baby," but just as Ru turned the light off and we both lay down, his eyes opened wide. I thought we were in for another round of crying, but in the dark I saw him look at me, turn his head and look at Ru, and then look at me again. He then gave me the biggest, cheesiest grin ever from behind his soother, closed his eyes, and went back to sleep. It was awesome! And so sweet!

And so, even this is not a recent picture (it was taken when Signal was about 3 weeks old), nor is it a terribly flattering picture of me (I am still fat and rather swollen postpartum), I had to post this. Nearly 8 months of co-sleeping and counting. What could be better?


ru said...

omg! he was so small!

kidletsmum said...

I just LOVE cosleeping! I'm very excited about adding a second baby into the mix... I can't wait to see sisterly nighttime cuddles!

pussreboots said...

Awww so cute.