Wednesday, July 18, 2007

sign of the times

Ever since Signal was about 3 months old, we have been using several American Sign Language (ASL) signs with him. It has been shown that babies have the capacity to communicate using signs several months before they are able to talk. For babies who are later talkers, signing can take a lot of frustration away from their inability to verbally communicate their wants and needs. Children who sign often have less tantrums as a result, and who doesn't want less tantrums? So we're giving it a try.

So far, we have introduced Signal to the following signs:
thank you

The only one that Signal has actually used himself, as of yet, is the sign for milk. He began doing it consistently about three weeks ago, which is pretty early as far as I can tell. This gives me hope that he will soon add some other signs to his repertoire. We use the signs for milk, cat, and thank you more than any of the others; I am guessing that either "cat" or "thank you" will be his next sign. But kids do funny things. Watch his next sign be "more." That would be a useful one for Signal, that's for sure!

And in a moment of unbelievable timing, I actually caught Signal signing "milk" on Monday. It's rather cute, how he has his little tongue out in anticipation. And the picture is made even sweeter by the fact that he is wearing his cow bib. I couldn't have asked for better!


kidletsmum said...

Adorable!!! The Kidlet steadfastly refused to sign until a couple of months ago. Now she signs and talks at the same time. "mo" with the sign for more is darned cute. She still can't do milk.
I hope her little sister shows more aptitude for signing!

omaopa said...

how sweet it is! can't wait for hugs - you need to find a sign for 'oma' 'opa' and as grandparents we would be willing to share a sign. Love to all!!

BabySpice said...

Our little bug, has signed for food / to eat, sleep and milk.

We have lots of tatrums, but what can you expect from a 16 month active girl. Much I blame on her papa, she misses him!