Monday, July 16, 2007

signal's food love

I'm really sorry about the week that has passed since our last blog update. Signal was teething something crazy, so we had quite a few nights with a many as 6 wakings, followed by days filled with 18 minute naps. Things seem to have settled down quite a bit now (even though a tooth has not made it appearance), so I've got time to update. Here goes.

The week before last, we decided to give Signal some peas. We have no history of food allergies in our family, so the fact that they are legumes and not a vegetable didn't really cross my mind. And since it didn't, Signal broke out in a rash from head to toe! Poor buddy. He didn't seem too itchy, but it looked terrible. We decided to take him off all solid food for 5 days, until the rash was mostly cleared up. We didn't want to go and aggravate his already sensitive system. So off food it was.

We got him back onto solids a week ago, and it has been going better than ever. I think he is much more ready for solids than he was when we first introduced them, and is going at them with gusto. Signal has now tasted avocado, bananas (which he HATES!), pears, apples, apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, and peas (which he loved, but can't have.) He also has had oatmeal, which he seems to really enjoy. We are sticking with our goal to delay introducing wheat until 9 months, and so far it hasn't posed a challenge at all. Our next grain is going to be rice, which we are going to introduce in the form of brown rice pasta. That should be fun! I think we'll try it close to the 8 month mark. At that time we are also going to try introducing some meat as well as whole milk yogurt.

Signal, covered in squash.

Along with his new love of food, he has also started to get really excited about his sippy cup. His favourite of the sippys we have for him is the Gerber Transition Cup. Signal likes the easy-to-hold handles, and has recently discovered that he can hold them himself. It's so cute! We have to make sure to fill the cup really full of water, because he hasn't quite got the tipping action down, but he's almost there. It's funny how excited he gets about water. Silly kid!

Here's a set of pictures of Signal with his sippy. You will notice a few things. 1) We generally take off his shirt while he eats. Skin is easier to wipe down than cotton. 2) The handles on his cup are as fun to chew as the spout is.


kidletsmum said...

Cutie! So sad about the peas. The Kidlet hated bananas at his age too. Now she eats one every day!
Mmm... brown rice pasta sounds yummy!

Alex Elliot said...

Sorry to hear about the peas. I thought that my son was allergic to barley, but fortunately it was just an odd coincidence that he broke in a rash the day he tried barley for the first time. We did wait a month before we reintroduced it. Reading your food introduction was so interesting because it's different than what we do here (or at least here in fine central MA.)which is of course vastly different from what's done in other countries as well and there seem to be less allergies than in the US.