Wednesday, July 25, 2007

take the 2007 declutter challenge!

so i was just poking around on some message boards, and i saw this thing where lots of people had pledged to rid their home of 2007 items in 2007. i thought that was a great idea (i do love a good declutter), but i only ran across this concept in june! so, i decided to give myself the 1004 declutter challence - since i had missed half the year, i should only have to get rid of half the things, right?

so we started this back in june, with 1004 items to go. as of today, we have 710 items to go! nearly 300 items in the past 6 weeks or so! not bad, says i.

we started on the bookshelves. the library has a book sale coming up in october, so any books that could not actually be donated to the collection (and i had a lot of manga and graphic novels that i reviewed that ended up in the library's collection) went off for the book sale. and that was just a surface purge of books. there is a lot more to be gleaned from our shelves. (and the best thing about getting rid of books is that it makes room for more books! also, for me, it tends to focus my attention on what sorts of books i really want to have in my personal library. while i admire and sometimes envy people with vast far-ranging personal libraries, the longer i work in a public library, the more i think that really i CAN rely on it for my basic book needs.) so in addition to making some space, i am also exercising my mind - fantastic!

other easy areas for pruning - the closets (ours and the baby's). the kitchen (how many demi-tasse cups does one family that does not really drink espresso need? the magazine collection (they are in a box, on a high shelf, no one will miss them!). the filing cabinet (why did i save THAT?).

so, yeah, i think that 300 items in six weeks is a good start, and i am not even really done my surface purge. but i am looking forward to the deep clean!

coming to a post near you soon: ru reflects on her new skateboard...

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