Sunday, July 22, 2007

you brush your teeth, tshh tshh tshh, tshh tshh, tshh tshh tshh

Now that Signal is having more solids, we decided that it might be a good thing to make an effort to keep his teeth clean. So last week, I went out and purchased a little boy toothbrush, and we set about our teeth brushing routine. We try to brush Signal's teeth every night after supper, when we put his pyjamas on. But, let's be honest. It turns out to be more like three or so times a week.

Signal seems to really enjoy having his two little teeth scrubbed. He sits on the side of the bathroom sink, and can see himself in the mirror while we do it, which probably helps. So far it isn't too difficult to reach his teeth, because he still only has the bottom two. Although I believe that we will have at least one on top very, very shortly (if his crappy sleep schedule is any indication.) Right now we are also just using plain water to brush, no toothpaste. But I look forward to getting fun flavoured toothpaste when Signal is bigger.

Ru and I were worried that Signal would not like having his teeth brushed, since we had heard lots of stories of children clamping their mouths shut, or shaking their heads, or just generally having tantrums when the toothbrush approached. We had braced ourselves, but were very pleasantly surprised! In fact, he likes it so much that at the end, we always let him handle the brush and he does it himself. Sooooo cute!

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kidletsmum said...

What a darling! I hope he stays good for you on the toothbrushing front. The Kidlet used to love having her teeth brushed, and doing it herself... now not even flavoured flouride-free paste does the trick here... it's a battle.