Wednesday, August 08, 2007

breakfast with Oma

During our weekend in Quebec, Signal was introduced to the joys of almost-open-air dining. My parents had a sunroom added to their house this summer, and so every meal of the day, rain or shine, was eaten in there. It was fabulous! There are blinds in the roof if it is too sunny, and windows that can be slid open or shut to customize the airflow. It looks out over the pool and the back yard, so you can easily watch people swim without sitting in the baking heat. Heaven, I tell you.

Signal seemed to especially like eating breakfast in the sunroom. Wearing only his pj bottoms, he liked sitting in the 27 year old highchair (yes folks, it was mine!) and eating cereal and fruit with Oma. Here he is one morning, munching on barley cereal with apples and apricots.

Doesn't he look pleased as punch?

It was a very relaxing time. We took advantage of my parents' air conditioning and their swimming pool. We ate extravagant home-cooked meals. We hung out with extended family and caught up with people we hadn't seen in a very long time. It absolutely made Ru and I want to move back to Quebec. To be less than 9 hours away from the place where I grew up. We are tentatively working on a two year plan. Should be interesting.

Stay tuned to Hedda for tomorrow's post which, like my highchair, will include a great blast from the past.


kidletsmum said...

It sounds heavenly. So you're plotting a return to Quebec? I hope you can swing it! I know well how much it sucks being far from home!

M said...

Plotting as a long-term plan, yes. But no way would we be moving back before 2009 or 2010.

omaopa said...

Looks like Oma didn't do much to her hair before breakfast!! Of course, it always looks the same!! or so I hear. We miss you already -the house is super empty and quiet! Looking forward to the next time. Hugs to all.