Monday, August 20, 2007


We introduced Signal to the joys of dairy for the first time today with some yogurt for breakfast. It's crazy how quickly the whole food introduction thing has flown by. It seems like literally just yesterday that we were giving him his first taste of solids. Since then he's tried tons of fruit and veggies, a few grains, and now yogurt! I am watching him closely for any signs of a reaction, but so far so good. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. Since the green pea situation, I've become a tad skittish on the food introduction front.

Signal's yogurt is a balkan-style (read: really thick!) plain yogurt with 3% milk fat. We were hoping to get him the Liberté brand that has, like 8% MF, but they didn't have it in plain last time we were at our grocery store. Perhaps next time. For breakfast this morning I mixed the yogurt with some baby pear/blueberry puree, and he just went to town.

First bite

Not so sure about the taste

At it with gusto

And we're done! (at the end I added a bit of cereal to the mix as well)

I also spent some time this afternoon preparing a few more new foods for Signal and adding them to our freezer stash. I blended some watermelon and froze it into cubes, and also steamed and pureed zucchini. So I've now got potato, broccoli, avocado, apricot, papaya, watermelon and zucchini up there. I also have some mangoes that I need to puree, and turkey scaloppini that I am going to poach and shred as Signal's introduction to meat (towards the end of the month.) I'm with our friend C on this one. I LOVE making baby food!

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omaopa said...

yeah dairy!! can I repeat - check those hands!! so similar!! also on your next post - glad you had a good lunch - signal's attitude to public/social life is a great reflection his stress-free mommies!!