Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fun for the mommies

Due to a meeting tomorrow afternoon, Ru has to stay late at work. In order to give her back the extra hour (we are not allowed to work overtime), she was able to start work an hour late today. And what did we do with that hour? We ATE, of course!

For the first time in sooooo long, we went to eat at the Lone Star. We got my very favourite. Beef fajitas. Lots and lots and lots of beef fajitas. With their ultra-delicious fresh-off-the machine flour tortillas. And refried beans. It was heaven.

Signal was a very happy boy all through lunch. He played with his Snack Trap. He ate rice puffs. He smiled at other customers and the wait staff, and he checked out the tortilla machine. We couldn't have asked for better, especially since he missed his morning nap due to a chiropractic appointment.

And really, it was nice to have an hour together where everything wasn't all about Signal. He was with us, but he wasn't the primary focus. He is growing up so much! And we're growing as parents. I can only imagine what the next few months will hold as Signal moves towards his first birthday. Hopefully it will include a few more restaurant meals.

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omaopa said...

Yum - no Lone Star in Qc!!!