Monday, August 13, 2007

jc & ja's wedding

last night, m and i attended our first (together, for sure, and at all for me) jewish wedding, complete with canopy, cantoring, hebrew blessings, circling the groom, and glass smashing (not necessarily in that order). our good friends jc and ja got married at graydon hall manor.

the ceremony and its accoutrements were lovely - just so. here you see the back of ja's very just so dress:

the just so ceremony was interrupted only briefly by a screeching 8-month-old (ours) when the assembled friends and family laughed, in what can only be described in a startling manner, and reduced signal to tears. i ran out the back door with him, and we spent the rest of the ceremony (which was not much of it, really) playing peek-a-boo with that wonderful boy in the mirror and listening intently whenever the rabbi sang.

once the ceremony was over, signal had his diaper changed on what i can only hope was a faux antique dresser in the ladies' room. signal gave his best to jc and ja, and then i took him home to hang out with e and jb. i got to return to the reception, just in time to snap this photo of jc, the happy groom, with the lovely h sisters, ka and kj.

dinner was exquisite - i spent the salad course trying to sneak the buffalo mozzarella off of everyone else's plates without them noticing. you know you are in good shape when the heirloom tomatoes actually pale in comparison to the cheese. salad was followed by a cold soup - cucmber and honeydew - which was quite refreshing in the super-heated-but-not-for-lack-of-air-conditioning dining room. but really, what we had all been waiting for since seeing the menu cards ($25 at kinko's according to the groom - his one contribution to the whole affair, other than showing up), were the lamb chops. with potato pancake. and roasted eggplant. and yogurt sauce with cucumber and aged feta. if this is where wedding food is headed, we need to start pairing up our friends!

in the midst of all the food, though, there was much partaking of the booze course, as evidenced here by dc and aj, who had been sharing nips out of dc's flask (aj was allowed to partake even though his attempts at identifying the scotch contained within were apparently laughable...).

here m and i celebrate not having to stand in our shoes and being able to eat lamb chops:

the chops were followed by a delay designed for one of three things: digest some, fill up your belly with more booze, or whet your appetite for dessert! having done all three of those, we go to eat raspberry tartuffo with fresh strawberries. luckily for myself and the woman on the other side of the empty seat next to me, they forgot in the course of the evening that the cameras occupying the chair were not actually guests to be fed, and we got to eat the extra dessert they left at our table (ck, that was your tartuffo!). by this time, it was nearly 11pm. i had to work this morning, and we were thinking that maybe our babysitter did, too. so we made our congratulations and our goodbyes and headed home to our life of domestic bliss (i.e. a sink full of dirty dishes).

we left the bride in good hands, though. looks like she had a good time, eh?

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omaopa said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! Beautiful dresses and spiffy suits...