Saturday, August 25, 2007

rollin' in my 5-point-0

here we see documentary proof that now, not only does signal grab your thumbs and pull to a stand, not only does he pull on your pant leg to stand, and not only does he wobble back and forth in a standing position desperately clutching your extremities, but now he pulls himself to a nice balanced stand - on the table, on the chairs, on the footstools. i think he would pull to a stand on the cat if he could get one to stand still long enough!

and, once he is standing, he lets go of things. he moves his feet. he shuffles up and down the table. he lets go of the table and swings around to cruise down the couch, and then he swings back and cruises the other way.

here he is, mid-cruise, wearing his pyjamas from matante thérèse.

that photo was taken pre-big-boy-haircut. this morning, in some other pyjamas, he pulled up on his toybox and pulled out his wooden haba teether. but not before m got these shots of him.

isn't he just the cutest, oldest-looking 8-1/2 month old ever?

next week? video of signal dancing the samba!

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