Friday, September 14, 2007

9-month check up

Today Signal visited Dr. Y for his 9-month visit. The appointment was a week after he actually turned 9 months old, but we couldn't get in to see the doctor at a time when Ru and I were both available before today, and Ru sure hates to miss this kind of thing!

The visit went well. Signal was in a stellar mood despite a major lack of naps today, and had smiles for everyone. He was very patient as Dr. Y checked his eyes and ears, listened to his heart, and felt his tummy. We told Dr. Y about Signal's sensitivity to peas, and he advised us to hold off on peas, beans, and all legumes until after Signal is a year old. Which is what we were planning on doing anyhow, so it is good to know that our idea made sense. Dr. Y also told us that we might want to consider allergy testing when Signal is a little older, since peas fall into the same food family as peanuts. We may well take him up on the offer.

When we got around to weights and measurements, as usual Signal did not disappoint. Here are his stats at 9 months, 1 week:

Height - 76cm. On WHO charts, he falls into the 97% for children his age.

Weight - 24lbs (11 kgs.) On WHO charts, he is also in the 97% for children his age.

Things seemed to be going relatively normally up to this point. I mean, Signal has always been on the very upper range in terms of height and weight, so it's not like we were surprised. Then, this:

Head circumference - 50cm. This is so far off the charts it's not even funny. A 50cm head is considered by the WHO to be in the 97% for 19 month olds! No wonder the child didn't fit through my pelvis. And why his 2-4 year winter hat isn't in the slightest way too big.

Dr. Y seemed a little concerned at the size of Signal's head, quite frankly, and went back through his chart to see if his head had always been large. Having an abnormally big head can be a sign of bad things, of course, like hydrocephalus or a tumour. But he seemed satisfied after looking back that Signal's head was not growing too fast, so it was left at that. I have no doubt that he'll look closely at his head measurement again at a year in case something really is up.

Our cute, big-headed boy in his 2T pjs.

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Erin said...

What a little cutie! My Elisabeth also has a HUGE head. Waaay off the charts for her age. Always has been too. I won't even get into the damage it caused with a natural birth :p

Have a great weekend!