Tuesday, September 18, 2007

decluttering challenge update

so we have been chipping away at the stuff in the apartment now since june. of course, we are still a little behind the curve in terms of getting it done. since june, we have gotten rid of 440 items from the apartment. that is out of a goal total of 1004 items. so we have 564 items to go before the end of the year.

i am not discouraged, though.

we still have each of our closets to go through, as well as all the non-signal-clothing from the floor of his closet as well! i am truly impressed at how we have done so far!

in addition to the general decluttering challenge, i have also joined the september decluttering challenge at mdc, which is master bedroom. so far, we have gotten all the furniture moved and arranged in the master and the guest bedrooms (doing the master kind of necessitates us doing the guest bedroom as well), except for one bookcase which i have to still put together.

okay, i can hear a vibrant reading of sandra boynton's barnyard dance behind me, so i am going to go where the real fun is!

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Alex Elliot said...

We're decluttering at house too this weekend. It's amazing how much stuff accumulate with kids.