Monday, September 24, 2007


So sorry that it has been nearly a week since we've posted to the blog. Our lives have been rather eventful recently. Last Tuesday, Kidlet and Kidlet's Mum arrived at our place for a quick two-night stay on their way back to Turkey. It was a whirlwind three days that made me a very tired mom!

I picked up the lovely ladies from the airport on Tuesday afternoon, and soon discovered that Signal did NOT like sharing his back seat with the Kidlet. Every single time Kidlet's Mum and I ventured out over those three days, the kids screamed and cried in the back. We spent a whole lot of time singing children's songs at the top of our lungs in an attempt to soothe the two disgrintled youngsters. By Thursday, my throat was thoroughly sore.

On Wednesday night, Ru and I hosted a little get-together to celebrate Kidlet's upcoming second birthday. It was the first time that we have ever had a bunch of adults and 4 children 2 and under at our house. There was lots of food, and lots of conversation, and lots of little ones trying to share. Thanks to MadJenny for the several of these party photos. Apparently the headache I had that evening impaired my photography skills.

The Kidlet and her Mum prepare to blow bubbles.

B "mows the lawn."

Baby K checks out Signal's bead maze.

Signal attempts to avoid the paparazzi.

On Thursday Kidlet's Mum and I ran all over the place with the kids. Up to Newmarket for a chiropractic appointment and a visit to OUAC, over to Woodbridge for a playdate with Baby K and her mom, and finally, to the airport. Now THAT was an adventure and a half. I was singing the praises of my Ergo carrier as I walked from the parking lot into the terminal with Signal on my back, Kidlet in my right arm, and a rolling bag in my other. Kidlet's Mum was pushing the luggage cart. We got many, many sympathetic looks as we made our way to the check-in counter. I though it was rather humorous. Then came the not-so-humorous check-in-baggage-allowance-and-tagging fiasco, which you can read more about here. And, as you will read, it was only the beginning of poor Kidlet's Mum's woes. After an hour and a half at the airport, Signal and I headed home.

On top of the house guests, Signal was teething again, and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night was up every. single. hour. All night long. It was ridiculously painful for us all. That said, Signal does have another tooth to show for all the bother. That's now three on top and two on the bottom. Very exciting I think.

Yesterday, we were back at the airport picking up Signal's Oma. She is in town to stay with us for two weeks. Be on the lookout for some Signal/Oma pictures, and chronicles of our general family adventures. The weather is supposed to be great, so we'll be out and about doing various things. We promise to keep the blog updated during her stay!

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kidletsmum said...

It was a busy and lovely three days; my terrible singing in the car excepted!
Thank you so much for having us. And I am eternally in debt to you for your assistance at the airport. Soon I will get photos posted on our blog too. There are some ADORABLE ones of Signal.