Sunday, September 09, 2007

not long now

Yesterday after changing Signal's diaper, I stood him up next to the wall between our two bedrooms and popped into our room to put something down on our bed. When I turned around, he was standing. Not holding on to anything at all. I watched him stand unsupported for at least 10 seconds before he fell onto his bum. It was crazy and amazing all at the same time. I wonder how long we have until he starts walking. Oh, how our lives will change when that time comes.

Signal has also taken to sitting up and crawling around the bed when he wakes from a nap. Our place isn't very big, and we always have the monitor on, but there were a few times in the past week that Ru and I found him close to the edge by the time we got in there. So once again, we are going to rearrange the furniture to make nap sleeping safer for Signal.

Our current plan is to move the crib into our room and take one side off, and do a kind of modified sidecar arrangement with it. When his crib was sidecarred before, the crib mattress was level with ours (it was on the high setting.) This time, we are going to try it beside our bed but on the low setting, so that the level of his mattress is quite a bit below the level of ours. That way I can get him to sleep in our bed, slide him over into the sidecar once his is asleep, and when he wakes up we'll have a bit of extra time to get to him before he manages to climb up and out of the sidecar and onto our bed. Another option we are entertaining is taking one side off of the crib and replacing it with a regular bed rail. That way Signal couldn't roll out while sleeping, but could safely get out once he is awake (he is very good at getting off of things feet first, if they aren't too high.) We'll be sure to post pictures once all is arranged and in place.

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