Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Some of you may remember from a recent post that I had mentioned wanting to get an amber teething necklace for Signal to see if it would help relieve the pain of teething. Baltic amber is known to have analgesic properties when worn next to the skin, so more and more people are choosing to use these infant necklaces as a drug-free option for relieving teething pain.

I found a mom on MDC who was selling an amber teething necklace because it was to big for her daughter (her little girl could get it into her mouth, which is not good; amber is rather brittle and not good for chewing.) I checked to see that it would fit Signal, and then happily bought it from her.

It arrived in the mail today. I have to say that whether or not it does him some good on the teething front, it's just so darn cute that I am going to have it on him all the time. It's also nice and short on him, so no dangers of him sticking it in his mouth and chomping down on the beads.

Here he is, our very own teething Tarzan, after this morning's shower.

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