Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the best $2 we ever spent

A long, long time ago, at the spring Mom to Mom sale, we purchased some plastic stacking cups for Signal. They, I am sure, have appeared in many blog posts up to this point. I wanted to take the time today though to say that they are by far his favourite toy. And that makes them the best $2 that we ever spent on him.

Even if there are a lot of other toys spread out on the floor, Signal will go over to the toy box and get them out. He will stack and unstack them. He uses them as little containers for his other toys, like Crinkly Crab and Finny Fish. He rolls them on the floor and then crawls after them, giggling with glee. Really, they provide many minutes if not hours of entertainment a day. Which is a lot, when you are only 10 months old.

Signal grabbing as many cups as he can hold.

Three is the magic number.

Using the cups as percussion instruments.

If you ever see plastic stacking cups for sale anywhere and are hesitating about buying them for your baby, Signal and I say "Go for it!" They just might allow you to wash a few dishes or go to the bathroom without a little one stuck to your leg.


kidletsmum said...

Stacking cups are a huge favourite here too!
hey... go check out the contest at Bluebirdbaby. I already entered and said I'd give you the prize if I win, but you should get your name in too so that your chances are doubled!

M said...

I entered, as did Ru. So perhaps I have a shot amongst all the others. I tried to win you a sling when she had her draw in September, but alas, I was not picked.

pussreboots said...

I think we have about 5 sets of stacking cups between the 2 kids. My oldest who is now 5, still plays with them (though now in the guise of playing with his sister).