Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In an attempt to help Ru feel better soon, I made homemade chicken soup for her today. I felt like someone's grandma - in a good way!

Last night at supper time, I put a whole chicken in our slow cooker to roast. I used a cool recipe that someone posted on MDC, that results in a rotisserie style chicken in about 4 hours. It worked really, really well. When I pulled the chicken out of the slow cooker 4.5 hours later (I kind of forgot it was in there, what with all the sickness drama...) it was falling apart tender. Most excellent!

I refrigerated the whole chicken, and then pulled it apart today. I used one half of the breast, one drumstick and one thigh in the soup, along with two carrots, a stalk of celery, one onion, some herb and spices, brown rice and boxed chicken broth. Homemade broth would have rocked, but I didn't have the energy to whip any up. Here's what the finished soup looked like.

Ladling up the soupy goodness.

Look at all of those healthy ingredients!

We had the soup for both lunch and supper today, and there's still some left over. Big batch meals are great. And with the leftover chicken, I am going to make "enchilitos" tomorrow; they are my cross between burritos and enchiladas, baked in the oven.

Here's to hoping that the soup has healing powers and my two best buds feel better tomorrow morning.

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