Friday, October 05, 2007

fall farm foray

This afternoon Ru, Oma, Signal and I went to Whittamore's Farm to spend some time outdoors and pick Signal's first ever Halloween pumpkin. The farm is only 20 or so minutes from our place, and it was really nice to be able to get out of the city so close to the city!

When we first arrived at the farm, we headed straight over to the wagon ride area to take advantage of the free wagon rides. During the week the rides only run three times a day, so we were very lucky to catch one.

Here are Oma, Signal and Ru waiting in line for the ride.

Signal had an absolutely fabulous time on the ride. There weren't too many people when we got on, because a full load had just come back. So we were all able to sit along an edge, and had a great view. Ru held Signal, and he stood and held on to the rail nearly the entire time. He seemed to love being on a moving vehicle without a car seat!

Signal looks back at me during the ride.

After that, we took some time to explore the farm grounds. We went over to the area with farm animals, and took a look around there. Signal was most interested in the goat, and the goat was equally interested in us. Good thing there was a fence to keep us all separated.

Signal peers at the goat from the safety of his stroller.

The area with the farm animals also had these really neat "horses" fashioned from recycled tires. While Signal is too little to ride on them solo, he liked sitting up on them and just hanging out. Our fearless son was determined NOT to hold on to any part of the horses, however, so we had to stay mighty close.

Signal and his Oma squint in the sun.

Briefly toying with the thought of holding on to the reigns.

From the farm animal area we strolled along and found, to our delight, a track filled with little tractors. They had tractors of all sizes, from children Signal's age right up to about 9 or 10. It was so cute. We of course hunted down the smallest John Deere we could find and promptly popped him down on it. Although he didn't understand how to make it move, he sure looked sweet!

Channeling Granddad C.

We kept moseying around the farm, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (it got up to about 26 Celsius here today.) Ru spotted a very cool tree fort type thing, and that was our next stop. Ru grabbed Signal and up they went, waving to Oma and I far below. It's hard to know who enjoyed this particular feature of the farm more.

Way up high.

Then it was back to the front area of the farm. We had seen a really cool red tractor on our way in, but because we wanted to get a hay ride in, we hadn't stopped. With the afternoon winding down, the area around the tractor was a lot calmer. Signal was able to hang out on the tractor for as long as his almost 10 month old attention span would allow. He was definitely most interested in "shifting."

Our little farmer.

After all this fun, we went in to the farm market and checked out what they had to offer. Imagine our very, very happy surprise when ALL of the produce for sale was from Ontario. Without exception. It was awesome! We picked up a butternut squash and some garlic, as well as brussel sprouts. Oma purchased some local cheese and salsa. We couldn't find a pumpkin we liked in the store, so we left Oma in the cool shade of the market and headed back down into the pumpkin field with Signal to pick his first ever pumpkin. They have so many pumpkins available that they actually provide wheelbarrows to bring them up to the market area to pay. In search of only a small one, a wheelbarrow was not necessary for us. In a few minutes a pumpkin was chosen by Ru and I and approved by Signal with squeals of joy.

All in all it was a really, really fun family outing. We were originally going to go to the zoo today, but none of us could really commit, and the thought of paying so much money to go was a tad discouraging. At only $4 per person, Whittamore's proved a much more affordable and, in my opinion, equally interesting outing, especially with a baby.

Stay tuned for a picture of Signal with his pumpkin. Poor child was too tired for me to snap one when we got home.

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Azura said...

Aww! That looked like a lot of fun!

Incidentally, never go to the family farm north of Brampton. I used to work there...