Monday, October 29, 2007

from bad to worse

Instead of things getting better, they have gotten worse. On Saturday Signal developed a cold, with coughing and stuffiness and a runny nose. He was up every 45 minutes all night long on Saturday night.

Then yesterday, Ru started feeling cruddy. Signal was still coughing, and Ru was too. Oh joy! Signal had a crying fit for over an hour at 10:30pm, but then only woke twice during the night. Which was good, since Ru was feeling ill.

Ru stayed home sick from work. Signal was sick and whiny all day long, and it made for a long and rather tiring day. It is now 9:00pm on Monday, and Signal is sleeping. He had three naps and still went down for the night at 7:45pm. He hasn't stirred yet, which is very good. Why? Because now Ru is throwing up. Lovely.

I am hoping beyond all hope that I do not get whatever sickness this is. The C-P household of sickness should only have two people sick in it at any given time.


Deranged Squirrel said...

I hope everyone is feeling better (and sleeping better) soon!

omaopa said...

As per Dolly and the later Porter and our telephone conversation earlier today - Oh, the pain!!!!

Love & Hugs