Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hello? hello?

Lately Signal has had quite the phone obsession. To the point that it was becoming difficult to make a phone call if you were the only one home and there was no one to distract him from the fact that you were holding the phone and he was not.

Ru came to the brilliant realization the other day that we have an extra cell phone lying around the house from my rather unflattering "losing but not really losing my cell phone" incident. It doesn't have a valid SIM card in it, but it still makes noise and lights up. And, since it is a real phone, it looks like a real phone. Coloured plastic was not fooling our boy in the least. He wanted something metallic and shiny. And now he has it!

Inspecting his phone.

Making a call... to whom, we don't know.

He is so cute with it. I pull it out any time I need to make a call, and Signal holds it to his mouth, or his head, and then just waves it around in delight. A tech addict at 10 months. What are we in for?


MadJenny said...

He looks like such a little dude with the necklace and phone! Awesome! and tres cool already.

pussreboots said...

My daughter is that way but with TV remotes. I end up having to take the batteries of the of the remote and let her play with it for a while.

kidletsmum said...

Oh my! My friend in Vancouver has a daughter with the same obsession... and they had the same solution.
I love the idea of babies in buggies with their phones to their ears!

Gill said...

welcome to the 21st century baby!! just wait until he wants to use your computer all the time!