Thursday, October 18, 2007


As the weather has gotten cooler in the past week or so, Ru and I have started to try and keep Signal a little warmer at night. The heat in our apartment isn't on full-time yet, so it can be touch and go as to whether it will be warm or cold in our room on any given evening. Signal will absolutely NOT keep any blankets/covers on him, and he has outgrown all of the sleepsacks he was given as a baby. And because our apartment is generally extremely warm in the winter due to the fact that we don't control our own heat, we didn't really invest in many "winter" pjs for him.

Enter Babylegs or Huggalugs! I am sure that some of you remember pictures of Signal as a small baby, wearing onesies and Babylegs. Now that he's a little older we hadn't been putting him in them as much, but then it dawned on me that a pair of Babylegs would convert short pyjamas to long pyjamas in a wink! I found that the Babylegs cut into his chubby thighs a bit too much overnight, but our Huggalugs are looser at the top and perfectly suited to this adaptation. They keep Signal warm, and they create ridiculously cute combos to boot. Here are a few pictures of some Huggalugs in action.

Signal on his tip-toes, reaching for Crinkly Crab.

A close-up of his adorable tush, with the Huggalugs on his little legs.

And of course, Signal with his favourite book! ("Bah! Bah!")

Fun, eh? I am also going to keep his Babylegs and Huggalugs near the top of his sock drawer so that I can use them whenever we have him in a baby carrier. It wasn't a very big deal if his pants or shorts rode up in the Ergo this summer, but it sure will be as the weather gets colder and colder. Good thing I went overboard and got all those pairs a while ago...

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ru said...

i thinks it's closer to "buh! buh!" for book. but the gist is there!

and wasn't it my idea to put him in huggalugs? not to be pedantic!