Monday, November 05, 2007

baa baa

This week Signal rediscovered his long-lost sheep friend Luke, given to him by D last year at Christmas. Upon finding the sheep, and carrying it around, and hugging and kissing it like crazy, we let him know that sheep say "baa baa." And he immediately began saying "baa baa."

Signal and Luke meet, Christmas 2006.

Signal and Luke now.

Yet another thing to add to his growing list of vocab. Which, at nearly 11 months, includes: mama, mo (his word for me), yeah, "oo oo ahh ahh" (his monkey noise), Zeus, up, pfff (puff), "roar" (for his polar bear), A----- (a good friend's name), "Ha Pa" (for Hop on Pop), and "Eya" (for his name). I am sure I'm forgetting some too, because his recent vocab explosion has taken us a little off guard. Who knew he'd even attempt to say three syllable names at this age? It's crazy!


Deranged Squirrel said...

It isn't just that he can say "baa baa" it is the way he says it - like a little sheep. Also I nearly fell over when he held up Hop on Pop and said "Ha Pa"

Gill said...

who look at how much he's grown!!

omaopa said...

Think Luke shrunk???