Tuesday, November 13, 2007

d days

This past weekend, Signal's uncle D flew up from LA to spend a long weekend with us. It was a long-awaited and long-anticipated trip, as we had not seen D in nearly two years; he hadn't met Signal yet! We were all really excited to have him in town and to hang out together.

After some LAX plane craziness, D finally arrived in the GTA late on Friday afternoon (he was originally scheduled to get in at 6:00am... like I said, there was craziness...) Upon picking him up from the airport we immediately hit the mall for some holiday shopping. We had a great time choosing an outfit for Signal at The Children's Place, and cute pajamas and a (Red) shirt at Gap. D did a bit of shopping for himself, and then we headed home for curried lentils. Or so we thought. Turns out we had no lentils. Oops! So takeout Chinese food it was. We relaxed (mostly) and gabbed, and tried to prepare ourselves mentally for the very early trip to Niagara Falls the next day.

On Saturday we all rose at 5:30am (yes, it is a time!) to get ready to depart for Niagara Falls by 6:30am. Why, do you ask, did we want to go to Niagara Falls so early? Because my cousin S was dancing in the 2007 Eastern Canadian Oireachtas, and his first round was up at 8:30. Okay, maybe that doesn't help. Because now you're wondering what an Oireachtas is. It is the primary qualifying event for the 2008 World Irish Dancing Championship and the 2008 North American Irish Dance Championship. S was dancing three rounds, and I wanted to see them all! So we got ourselves ready very early and off we went.

Looking rather chipper so early in the morning.

We made it to the Oireachtas on time to see S' first round, and then Ru and D went up to S' room to feed Signal a bit of breakfast. Then down they came in time to see S dance his second round. Once that was over, there was a bit of a break before the third round of dancing, so Signal, Ru, D and I hit the Hershey store for a chocolate fix and Wendy's for a meat fix to help absorb some of the sugar.

It was then back to the Oireachtas to see S dance his third round. We were all really proud of how well S danced. It was his best competition to date, I do think! When S was finished dancing I stayed at the competition to cheer on other dancers from my former dance school while D, Ru and Signal hit the town for some sightseeing.

D in front of the falls.


D pushes Signal's stroller.

D and Signal telling each other secrets.

Signal wishing his legs were just a bit longer.

They then headed back to the hotel hosting the Oireachtas, where Signal received a very important lesson from his uncle D on how to properly use a Blackberry. Lucky kid. I want a Blackberry. Although I'm not sure what I would use one for, as a stay-at-home mom.

Liking the Blackberry.

A tiny keyboard for tiny fingers.

We left Niagara Falls around 4:30pm and headed back to the GTA for supper. We hit the grocery store and purchased red lentils so I could actually make them for everyone. After a long day, we relaxed with food and drink and some SNL.

Relaxing with a good book after a long day.

On Sunday morning we were on the move again, this time to the evil empire to get some Christmas portraits of the family done. It definitely wasn't our first choice of locations, but it was the only place with an opening while D was in town, so off we went. We ended up having a really great time and getting some lovely pictures. D then took Signal to both the toy store and the shoe store for some very nice gifts. Again, Signal says thanks!!! And his moms do too!!!

Signal and I stayed home in the afternoon while Ru and D hit The Beguiling for some more shopping. I was more than happy to stay home with the babe, as he was in need of a nap, and I was in need of down time. Not long after A arrived for our supper/board game evening, Ru and D came home, and things were back in full swing. Several slices of Dante's pizza, several rounds of Bananagrams, and a game of Hoopla later, our weekend with D was coming to a close.

On Monday we basically took time to just relax together over Tim Horton's coffee. And then the time came to take D to the airport for his flight back to LA. We were all sad that our time together had flown by so fast, but have vowed not to let nearly two years pass until our next get-together. Plans are in the works for a spring visit. Hooray!

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