Thursday, November 01, 2007


Since Signal is still recovering from the cold that has been bothering him since Saturday, we made the decision that he wouldn't be participating in any Halloween-type activities. We didn't hit the library for storytime, and we didn't go trick-or-treating. Really, he's too young to have any candy anyhow, and more candy in our house would just mean that Ru and I would have more junk to pig out on.

I did however make sure to dress Signal in his monster onesie. He got it last year (before he was even born!) at the One of a Kind Show. The company selling them is called Fixei8gt. He's worn it a couple of times before now, and I always thought that it looked too big on him. Not anymore!

Showing off his monster.

The cute saying on the back of his shirt. (Please ignore the cat hair!)

Signal (or his mommies, really) did get a bit of candy this Halloween, from our superintendent L, her husband P, and her family. They always have tables set up in the lobby of the building for Halloween, giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. We went through the lobby on the way in from our chiropractic appointments, so Signal got treated. I think he just liked the giant spider hanging from the ceiling!

Ru and I are really looking forward to next year, when Signal will be able to understand what is actually going on, AND will be able to have some candy. Won't that be fun.

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