Saturday, November 17, 2007

not particularly interesting

There are no cute pictures of Signal in this post, nor are there any sweet stories. Sorry!

Signal is teething like a fiend and we haven't had much sleep for the past two nights. Last night, in fact, I don't really remember sleeping at all. It was not fun. Although at least he went down for his morning nap without incident. Thank heavens for small miracles.

I am having an eczema flare-up that is slowly driving me crazy. Ever since I had Signal, I have had problems with eczema on my hands and arms. It seems to be getting worse and worse. It was aggravated by our dish soap, so we switched soaps and now I am using non-latex gloves when I wash dishes. But the eczema is not improving. I am starting to think that I have developed some sort of food allergy, based on the fact that new flare-ups always occur late in the evening or overnight. After a big supper. Is it dairy? Gluten?

Blurry picture of my forearm.

Spots on my hand.

Signal is supposed to have some allergy testing done after his first birthday; I am thinking that I will request testing for myself at the same time. Cutting out foods would suck, but not as much as having hands that are constantly in pain sucks now. Washing my hands hurts. Taking a shower is excruciating. I need some sort of answer.

On another note, Ru, Signal and I are going to our first holiday party of the season this evening. We'll be sure to take some photos and get them up tomorrow. Who doesn't like a bit of Christmas spirit in November?

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Carroll said...

try this remedy...45% eucerin or aquaphor, 45% zinc oxide, 10% mineral oil. Works like a dream for my boys...