Friday, November 09, 2007


Yesterday as I was trying to tidy up around the house for D's arrival, I had to get creative with something that would keep Signal's attention for more than 5 minutes. A toy that he hadn't seen before would have been ideal, but we don't really have any of those lying around. And he didn't seem the least bit interested in pots and pans. So obviously, I chose...

A puzzle! A non-wooden puzzle.

Inspecting the pieces.

Thinking that they must fit together, somehow.

Signal seemed way more interested in this "big people" puzzle than he has been in his own wooden puzzle. Of course, he wasn't able to put any of the pieces together. But he found them fascinating. He looked at the pieces, he turned them over, he put them in the box, he took them back out. It kept Signal occupied for about 20 minutes. Which, in baby-land, is an eternity!


Alex Elliot said...

My baby carried a puzzle piece around with him for about an hour today!

omaopa said...

Why is it that boys always have such wonderfully long lashes??