Saturday, December 08, 2007


so we are usually very diligent about making sure that the memory card is in our camera when we are taking photos. but the occasional incident slips past.

what follows here are photos, in chronological order, that i discovered on our camera this morning as i was taking the last two photos in the sequence.

here is signal, a la 5 months old, trying his best to stay upright sitting on the couch. it seems astounding to me now that he ever had a problem with this!

and here is signal in august, showing off his "all-my-pants-fit-at-the-waist-so-i-must-have-
stubby-legs" sort of fashion sense.

as you can see, having stubby legs doesn't seem to bother him too much!

here signal is in early november, wearing his pirate mittens from auntie kk for the first time.

and here is signal demonstrating that he knows instinctively that rival pirates are to be defeated, at all costs, even if it means you get a mouthful of woolly fuzz!

now, what i was actually taking pictures of was this.

i have found a way to entertain both baby and pets at the same time, and i don't have to do anything other than put the acrylic stick in signal's hand!

as i was writing this, signal crawled across the living room and grabbed the kitty ribbon, and now he and begley are playing again. why, oh why, did it take a year to find this one out?!


kidletsmum said...

Why, oh why can my 26 month old girl NOT figure that game out??? We have that very cat toy. She holds it by the fleece and bashes the cats with the acrylic stick. And we wonder why Bennie doesn't like her...

Happy Belated Birthday Signal!!!

MadJenny said...

Oh my goodness. Had not yet seen the pirate mitts. How awesome are those?!?!