Wednesday, December 12, 2007

big bash

I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in getting this post up. I had intended to sit down and do it early yesterday morning, but I ended up sick, sick, sick. I was originally blaming the Chinese food that I had for supper on Monday night, but no one else I ate with got sick. So I dunno. Honestly, it felt like I was 7 weeks pregnant all over again. And I know I'm not pregnant.

Signal's birthday party was a total blast! Rarely has our little apartment been so full of people and full of fun. I managed to get pictures of most people included in this post, but I know that I missed K & D, H, and J, since they all left before the cake/present extravaganza began. Sorry ladies!

Here are three pictures of Signal with his birthday cupcake. Only one teensy, tiny bite of cupcake made it past his lips. He was sooo not into the whole cake thing! He poked it. He prodded it. He tore it into tiny pieces. But he didn't eat it. He didn't even want icing when Ru offered it to him. Can he really be a child of mine?

Ru helps Signal blow out his candle.

Eat it? I don't think so!

The happy family, with destroyed cupcake.

Other people definitely enjoyed the cupcakes though. Ru made white cupcakes, and we had both white and chocolate icing on hand so that people could ice them as they wished.

Here are JS and E at the "icing station."

Here's KK with her cupcake. Can't you just sense the joy? I wonder where JC's cupcake is?

A picture of AK without a cupcake (really?) and JA making sure the coming baby is well fed.

Here are G and I. This was the moment I finally got to sit down and have coffee!!

Once most of the cupcakes were eaten, it was on to present time. Signal was a!very lucky boy. He got wooden toys, and stuffed animals, and puppets, and clothes and more! Like most 1 year olds, he was happy to play with tissue paper and gift bags. But he has been playing with all of his stuff since. It's nice to have new stuff around for him. That way I can go to the bathroom by myself and he doesn't notice I've even left.

Signal opening his gift from JS, wearing his shirt from K.

Checking out Geraldine giraffe's tonsils.

L and Baby K playing with Signal's penguin.


With so many people around, Signal eventually decided he needed to get away from the crowd. He headed to the kitchen and took his favourite magnet off our fridge. It's a picture of some of the Shannon Irish Dancers, including my cousin S. It's a old picture, but Signal just loves looking at it and talking to it.

Hi S!

Thanks to everyone who made it to Signal's party. You really made his big day special. Be on the lookout for thank you cards headed your way soon!

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Alex Elliot said...

Happy birthday, Signal!!!! I particularly liked the photo of the giraffe. I also liked the comment you left for me on Facebook about my Giraffe!