Friday, December 14, 2007


We now interrupt your regularly scheduled Signal-programming to bring you breaking news on the M crafting front.

Some of you loyal readers may remember our old blog, where we posted about various and sundry knitting and scrapbooking and comics/zine stuff all the time. With Signal's birth, we have steadily moved away from crafting; not for lack of interest, but for lack of time. I can't help but remember that last year for Christmas my brother- and sister-in-law received a whole 8x8 scrapbook filled with pages of their kids. Signal has two whole pages completed in his own scrapbook. I am a bad crafting mom!!

Anyhow, this year for the holidays I have tried to be a little crafty when it comes to wrapping and creating gift tags. I thought that by stamping plain brown paper I'd be able to reduce the amount of money that we spend on wrapping and tags. And I was right... however, I seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to make even one gift's worth of paper.

The tags were fun to make and relatively easy. With the use of AK's obscene embossing tool, I was able to get some really cool effects. So far I have made 7 tags, which I think is pretty good. I may be able to get a few more done too, but not quite in the same style. I have run out of the little "library pockets" that I was using. I could just use plain cardstock though.

As for the paper... I made enough to wrap two presents. And I think that might be ALL that I make. Maybe, just maybe, if Signal sleeps well tomorrow night I'll be able to hammer out a few more pieces to wrap some gifts for Signal and Ru. But as it stands now, Oma and my aunt D should consider themselves very lucky to be on the receiving end of my limited-edition holiday paper.

I can't really believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away. Signal's second Christmas. It does not seem possible that our little man has been around for that long. I am very much looking forward to going to Quebec for the holidays. While I do not really enjoy the drive, spending time with family and friends will be great fun. I hear that there are massive amounts of snow on the ground, which means we can take Signal for a walk in the same sled my mom used with me when I was a baby. And we are going to try and go for a sleigh ride, provided that it isn't too darn cold. Hooray for the holidays!


Gill said...

I like your gift tags mel!

omaopa said...

Original - and very nice I must say!