Monday, January 07, 2008

back to the daily grind

Ru returned to work today after a nice holiday together. It is very strange to be back here in the GTA, with only Signal and I in our little apartment. After a holiday at my parents' large home, filled with friends and family and outings, our little existence here seems rather drab.

Signal was not impressed when Ru left for work and he made his feelings known. But we got down to playing and naps and snacking and he seems to have taken it in stride. After his shower he was waving and saying "bye bye," so I asked him if he was leaving. He looked at me and said "Mama bye bye." Our kid is too clever.

Now that he has been walking for nearly a month, he is also a very fast little dude. Before we left he would pretty much stay put and play in the living room. These days he is forever exploring, going from his phonics game on the fridge to the pyjama drawer in the guest room and back again with lightning speed. He is ever so much more interesting than he was when we left for the holidays, I have to say.

Signal is also, knock on wood, sleeping a bit better these days. He is still getting up 2-3 times a night, but settles much more easily and seems to be more rested when he gets up in the morning.He's almost fully transitioned to one nap a day now, with his night sleep being about 12 hours. Slowly, slowly we are getting there.


Analisa said...

My kiddos had a hard time when Daddy went back to work. It's so nice to have the whole family together for a while, isn't it? -Analisa, new reader from MDC (Megs Mom)

omaopa said...

I must say that after your departure our house also seems rather empty, quiet and certainly equally drab!! Glad to see that Signal is on the move - great pictures by the way - and that you are back to the routine. Love to all - talk soon. Is your countdown to the Day or to the Show?

M said...

The countdown is to St. Patrick's Day proper. And yep, back into a routine. But I miss all of the extra hands to keep Signal in check!