Wednesday, January 30, 2008

budding artist

This afternoon, I dared to break out the Crayola TaDoodles paints that Signal got for Christmas. It was quite the event, I must say. Check out this photographic evidence.

Still getting warmed up.

Adding some orange.

The orange goes rogue.

More paint on his hands than anywhere else.

Finished works.

I think he did pretty darn well with them, really. I will warn other parents that the orange does stain the skin a bit. I was pretty happy with how well they cleaned up in general though. Now Ru has some art to hang at her desk!


omaopa said...

Congratulations Signal!! I'll be expecting some artwork to post when you come to Qc. By the way, love the facial warpaint!!!

kidletsmum said...

Very fine work, indeed!

So what are these TaDoodles? I've never heard of them, but they sound cool!