Monday, January 21, 2008

choo choo!

Last week we received a great box of goodies from Ru's Aunt D and Uncle H, and her cousin C and C's husband B. We were so excited to see two containers of Just Tomatoes! At the rate that Signal goes through their fruit and veggies, we're always looking for ways to get a fix. We are pleased (?) to report that the pomegranate is all gone, and the fruit munchies are in the process of disappearing. He's a fiend.

On top of that were snack for the moms too. Goldfish crackers in fun American flavours, and chocolate, and chocolate Twizzlers. Hooray! The array of snack foods available to you all never ceases to amaze me.

They also included books for Signal, because they know just how much he loves to read. But more than anything, even the Just Tomatoes, Signal is loving his train whistle. He's very good at blowing it and manages to get a good whistle almost every time. And with Ru's love of trains, she's always encouraging him. She says it makes her feel like she's in Perry.

Signal looks to Mama for instruction.

Chugga chugga choo choo!

So a big thank you from all of us to D, H, C and B. We seem to be without e-mail addresses or phone numbers for you guys. How is that possible? But I hope that you see this post and know that all of the items are most appreciated. We hope you'll come and visit us soon!


Jen said...

Yes, but you have all sorts of cool Cadbury and Nestle candies we don't (including Smarties), and need I mention Tim Horton's?

kidletsmum said...

Chocolate twizzlers??? Are you trying to tease me? If so, it's working. You are so cruel!