Wednesday, January 16, 2008

everybody aquadoodle

For Christmas this year, Signal received an Aquadoodle mat from my cousin H and her family. Once he got over his initial inclination to suck on the "pen" each an every time we gave it to him, he decided that there was much fun to be had in scribbling all over it. Considering that we aren't usually very forthcoming with writing implements when Signal goes after them, he seems to sense that the mat is a foray into the forbidden.

We keep it stored on top of our chest freezer (welcome to the world of no space) and at least once a day he walks over there, points to it and signs for more. So down it comes and Signal sets about creating his masterpieces.

Signal attempts to trace a sweet potato puff.

Pulling the mat closer for better access.

The maestro at work.

This was definitely a cool gift, so thanks again H, P, S & C for the mat. Signal and his moms (who have been known to get in on the drawing action) appreciate it very much.

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kidletsmum said...

I've been wondering about those mats. Can you tell me more about them? Do you think the Kidlet would be interested in them? How do they work?