Monday, January 14, 2008

it's the vegetables, stupid!

so awhile back, we were exploring the idea of getting local/organic produce delivered to us via an organization called foodshare that does something called the good food box. basically, it's a box of produce that is organic always, local first and delivered right to your door. we went to the trouble of getting together enough interested people, only to find out when we tried to sign up that they had a delivery area (in which we did NOT reside) that was not mentioned on the website.

needless to say, i was less than impressed.

i then explored the possibility of getting involved in community-supported agriculture. there are several good csa farms not too far from toronto, and for awhile i entertained the idea of signing up with plan b organic farm. however, eventually, we decided that getting involved in a csa at this point represented somewhat more of a commitment than we were willing to make this early in our experiment with natural family living, local sourcing, and organic/whole food eating. maybe eventually, but not now!

so finally, we decided on another food box delivery service - green earth organics. they deliver to our neighborhood on thursdays, between 2 and 9, which is perfect. so we are getting delivery of our first box on thursday. stay tuned for pictures and a post with our our meal plan based on the wonders that are organic always, local first produce boxes delivered right to your door!

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MadJenny said...

Oh good! I'm glad you found one! I'll be interested to hear how it works out.