Monday, January 28, 2008

m's meal plan, january 28 though february 2

My brain was rather dead yesterday, and as such I just wasn't in the mood to meal plan for the upcoming week. I'm feeling better today, more in the groove of things. We didn't get much sleep last night, as Signal has his first cold of the season and the stuffiness is making it hard for him to get any good rest. He is in better spirits today than he was yesterday though; I'm hoping it makes for an easier day in general. Signal's not in the mood to eat much, which is okay, but I wish we were able to get a bit more vitamin C rich stuff into him to help fight off the cold.

And on that note, here's our meal plan for this week:

Monday - Beef stir-fry over noodles
Tuesday - Left over Cuban beef stew
Wednesday - Pork steaks with roasted carrots and acorn squash
Thursday - Garlic shrimp with couscous and sauteed broccoli
Friday - Chicken enchilitos
Saturday - Homemade pizza

Not quite as exciting as last week, but made almost entirely of food items we have in the pantry or in the freezer. And I LOVE that!


kidletsmum said...

can i come over for supper on thursday?

M said...

Of course you can! There's always room for more. ;)

kidletsmum said...


ru said...

i would like to let you know that even reheated, your beef stir-fry is spectacular!