Tuesday, January 22, 2008

on kidlet's recommendation

Because Kidlet's Mum is always raving about how much the Kidlet likes Peppa Pig, Ru was quite excited to find out that the library has some episodes on DVD. She placed and hold and brought them home at the end of last week, and Signal and I finally got a chance to check Peppa out yesterday.

He always stands to watch TV.

Muddy puddles.

I have to say that Peppa is a hit! Perhaps not as much of a hit with Signal as The Backyardigans or Wonder Pets, but I think that it because he's a rather musical guy, and Peppa and her brother George aren't ones for singing. I like that the episodes are nice and short. They give me just enough time to prep a snack for Signal, for instance, and then I can just turn them off. That's a nice feature! So thank you very much, Kidlet, for letting us know how cool Peppa Pig is.

Right now, we have very few children's DVDs in our collection. If I want to have Signal watch a little TV during the day, I generally tune the TV to Treehouse. The problem with that is that there are some children's shows that I personally dislike a LOT, and don't want him watching (like Dora, or Go, Diego, Go!, or Barney.) And if it happens that I'd like Signal to tune in to the TV for 10 minutes while I get supper on the table and it happens to be one of those shows, I'm kinda stuck. At his age, he's not terribly good at staying out from under foot otherwise. So I think that we'll have to start expanding our collection of DVDs to include some of Signal's favourite shows. And, as an added bonus, most DVDs come with the option of watching in French too! Woo hoo!

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kidletsmum said...

We're so glad he likes it! We like the short episodes too-- two episodes covers a nursing session for Little Fart. And then I don't feel guilty about letting her watch 'too much' tv. Nothing wrong with 10 mins!

Peppa and George do get musical in one episode... she plays the drums and he plays a huge Swiss-alp-style horn. (Yes, it's quite possible that I enjoy Peppa Pig as much as the Kidlet does!)