Sunday, January 06, 2008

this is for you, m'amie and pappy

the first of the long-awaited christmas vacation photos! we are back from quebec, and we will be playing catch-up on the posting for the next week or so, so enjoy!

signal got himself a rody horse for christmas from m'amie and pappy in texas! i know you have been dying to see him on it, and we just wanted you to know that he loves his horse! so much so that he gives pico (so named by m's father) lots of kisses!

he also got his very own little rocking chair from d, r, and s. he loves his chair, too. and he is so proud that he can get out of it himself - he will stand in front of the chair until i put him in it, then he will rock a bit, then get out of it. once i have congratulated him on his chair-exiting technique, he will sign for "more" rocking chair, and the whole process starts over again!

look for more this week, and we are glad to be back! happy new year!

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