Sunday, January 13, 2008

to-deh-dah and ap-ah

This week Signal's Mega Bloks provided us with some building blocks (hehehe) for his vocabulary. New to his list of words this week are to-deh-dah and ap-ah, or, in non-toddler speak, together and apart.

He really likes his Mega Bloks, particularly the yellow ones. He seems to always go for them first, and then the other colours come out later. Since our place is pretty small and messes have a tendency to get out of hand quickly, I try not to let things get too strewn about throughout the day. As soon as Signal is done playing with the blocks and moves on to something else, I try to pop them back into their bag. But inevitably I am faced with Signal standing beside the bag, frantically signing for "more" blocks. Clearly, the game to to-deh-dah and ap-ah is a favourite.



Munch, munch.


Note: Yes, we do know that there was some concern over the amount of lead in Mega Bloks (the yellow ones most specifically.) We have looked into it, and have decided that the risk is minimal. There were conflicting test results, and the product wasn't recalled. They are also made in Canada. So Signal still plays with them.


omaopa said...

An engineer in the making!! Or perhaps a great local contractor! Glad to see he is building blocks in all areas. Go Signal!!

kidletsmum said...

What a smart boy! I love his tshirt, by the way!